Baby Spa Vaals

Since February 2022, I have been co-owner of Baby Spa Vaals. Baby Spa Vaals is a baby wellness company focused on babies from two weeks to nine months.

Services offered are hydrotherapy and Shantala Baby Massage. Hydrotherapy is a form of physical therapy that involves moving in warm water. The pressure of the water allows little ones to move wonderfully freely and easily. Combined with the warm water, this creates a lovely relaxed feeling. Hydrotherapy is also called baby floating.


The second service offered, Shantala Baby Massage is a form of total body massage for babies. In India, this massage is a part of daily care. Important principles of Shantala baby massage are love and relaxation. Under the guidance of a professional masseuse, parents will massage their baby themselves. Meanwhile, they get all kinds of tips that they can also use at home. Below you will see a rationale for the design choices made in starting the business.


Keep it simple, for a new business where it is a new thing for many people, I chose to keep it simple. A generic name with the location name included.


As for the color, I chose a middle ground. As normally blue stands for boys and pink for girls, I chose the neutral mint green color. This also exudes hygiene and freshness.


Even with the logo, I wanted to keep it pretty simple. The baby is of course the focus and the bubbles add the charge. People should be able to figure out what the company is within a few seconds.


A suitable font did take a little more time. In my opinion, a handwritten one was also appropriate for the target group babies. Nevertheless, a sleek and clear font was chosen. This has to do with the design of the baby in the logo.

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